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A man once found himself on the slippery narrow ends of life being in the streets with thoughts of giving up. Coming to America, without the security and warmth of his humble, rural village in Trinidad and Tobago. Life got real, forcing him into survival mode.

However, with the power of hope and the will to survive, he found himself in the hustle of the city that never sleeps. Determined to use this network to create generational wealth he had to learn and learn fast. The first thing he noticed was, the system ran on respect. If you did not have respect, you had nothing.

Respect was the currency from which everything got done. Respect was in fact the only tangible bargaining power. To be respected is to be Saluted.

To Salute, is a formal simple hand gesture with significant meaning. The greeting is given to those who scarified it all to not only positively change their own lives, but the lives of the persons around them, and the wider community. To be saluted is to be respected. It was the ultimate symbol of honour.

This simple gesture opened his eyes and mind. He concluded to be saluted was  to be honoured and that there was no place for dishonour in success. This philosophy he translated into the development of ‘Salute the Brand’.

With the desire to promote, loyalty and respect and to create a platform for positive messaging and values designed to empower the average man in the streets, Salute the brand conveys all of the lessons he learnt during his hustle and represents the virtues that made the streets.

The man knew that loyalty and respect was gone, and that disloyalty and betrayal seemed to be the norm. Salute is intended to restore the honour of the streets and promote a value system, that allows everyone to achieve their desires without dragging down their fellow man.


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“Don’t Be Into Trends. Don’t Make Fashion Own You,
But You Decide What You Are.”



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